Thursday, 4 July 2013


I tell people I grew up in the country, because it's easier than saying "well, we sort of lived between two towns", but it's not like I lived on a farm. We didn't even keep chickens. But having lived in the city for six years or more now, I'm starting to miss whatever I call "the country".

I went back home to visit some friends over the weekend, and I found myself feeling pretty reluctant to leave. Now that I live in a one bedroom apartment, 13 floors up, all I want is chooks and a vegetable patch. Go figure. I've decided the next best thing is to live vicariously through my mum, and force her to grow me some veggies on her 4 acres of land ("Remember that time pumpkins just started growing in our backyard, accidentally? We should do that again."), and take some pretty pictures of the house and cats so I can look at them when I want to pretend to escape to the country.

That ladder isn't styling, by the way. It is genuinely our builder's ladder - it belonged to his father, who was also a builder. Apparently it's solid as a rock.

Our ginger cat must be nearly fifteen now - she once belonged to our neighbours, and in her long life has had kittens and been everything but abandoned until my mum took her in. She still doesn't trust people completely, but secretly loves being cuddled and having nice warm blankets to sleep on.

It still surprises me that we got such a pretty cat at a shelter. Her name is Baci, like the chocolates. 

Now, back to the real world, where my "veggie patch" is basil grown in a pot on the balcony and my cats have never been outside in their lives.


My friend Hollie is travelling across two states to become a vet, so we decided to have a high tea to celebrate and to see her off (and coincidentally it was also her birthday!). I grabbed this quick shot of her and my other friend (on the left), who is a fashion designer and has recently been in all the local papers for hatching a duck egg she found on a doorstep (slow news day, I guess). 

The cafe is called The Rose Room, and it's awesome if you're an old lady/young person who is secretly an old lady (me). Their chai tea has a good peppery kick, I'd recommend it.

Thursday, 7 March 2013


Let me introduce you to Wild Nothing:

They're a dreampop band along the lines of Beach House or Youth Lagoon, but with a bit more emphasis on pop as opposed to the lo-fi sound a lot of those other bands have. I saw them last night at a venue I'd never been to before, it was this tiny hole-in-the-wall type place which was sort of attempting industrial chic but kind of gave off a bit of a dodgy feel instead. I liked it though. My boyfriend and I managed to sneak to the front (easy for me, but not so much for Thomas who is 6'3 and towers over everyone constantly) and it was amazing.

I felt a bit inspired this morning, so I decided to whip out the watercolours again and draw something. For some reason their music makes me want to draw bears and antlers.

I'm not sure how much I like it, or whether it will end up in my Etsy store. It was really just playing. I might tweak it a bit when I scan it (change the text, maybe make the bear smaller?) and possibly it will be usable for prints or totes or something.

I was considering making 'music inspiration' a running theme for the blog, since it might force me to paint more and get my creativity flowing. The thing is, I'm not sure if my music taste is really... in line with other bloggers. I don't know if you guys are ready for experimental/post-hardcore hip hop. But I guess I could try and keep it limited to shoegaze and bands with chill west coast sounds.

So... any thoughts? Should I try making this a once a week thing? 

Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Check it. Two posts in one day.

Anyway, you can probably tell that I like foxes. My favourite animal is actually the sloth, but foxes come a close second. I also really like to paint them.

So I dug out my watercolours the other day and did a few paintings of foxes, which will soon be featured on items in my etsy shop. I'm pretty excited for what I've got planned for these little foxies!

Man look at the mess I made.

- xo Charlotte


So, my creative endeavour Little Red Fox finally has a blog! In lieu of smashing a bottle over my computer to christen this baby, I figure I'd make this a post about another first... the first wedding I shot.

As with most things in my life, I pretty much stumbled blindly into this opportunity. They needed a photographer, and I needed some cold hard cash. I don't think I could've imagined just how much craziness is involved in being a wedding photographer. Despite my fumbling ineptitude, I managed to survive and get some pretty good photos out of the experience.

So, let me introduce to you the lovely Sam and Drew - the most adorable (and patient) bride and groom. 

Their daughter was a part of the ceremony, though I think she mainly just wanted to go back to sleep. Thankfully Sam and Drew both had a wonderful sense of humour about it all! 

The wedding was styled by my very talented friend (who also made the little pink bridesmaids dresses!) Teloka.

I had a lot of fun (with a little bit of healthy terror thrown in for good measure) shooting this wedding. Everyone was lovely. Everyone was so pretty. It was actually a bit unfair being around all these wonderful, gorgeous people. I actually liked the job so much I decided I'd do it again if I had the opportunity... and thankfully I have! 

Right. So there we go. If you've liked this, here's what you could potentially be getting in the future: Drawings! Photography! My bumbling attempts at crafts and DIY! Many, many pictures of my cat!


- xo Charlotte