Tuesday, 26 February 2013


So, my creative endeavour Little Red Fox finally has a blog! In lieu of smashing a bottle over my computer to christen this baby, I figure I'd make this a post about another first... the first wedding I shot.

As with most things in my life, I pretty much stumbled blindly into this opportunity. They needed a photographer, and I needed some cold hard cash. I don't think I could've imagined just how much craziness is involved in being a wedding photographer. Despite my fumbling ineptitude, I managed to survive and get some pretty good photos out of the experience.

So, let me introduce to you the lovely Sam and Drew - the most adorable (and patient) bride and groom. 

Their daughter was a part of the ceremony, though I think she mainly just wanted to go back to sleep. Thankfully Sam and Drew both had a wonderful sense of humour about it all! 

The wedding was styled by my very talented friend (who also made the little pink bridesmaids dresses!) Teloka.

I had a lot of fun (with a little bit of healthy terror thrown in for good measure) shooting this wedding. Everyone was lovely. Everyone was so pretty. It was actually a bit unfair being around all these wonderful, gorgeous people. I actually liked the job so much I decided I'd do it again if I had the opportunity... and thankfully I have! 

Right. So there we go. If you've liked this, here's what you could potentially be getting in the future: Drawings! Photography! My bumbling attempts at crafts and DIY! Many, many pictures of my cat!


- xo Charlotte

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